Between minds

There are people that can go really far into fine philisophical reasoning and put forth theories around stuff you never thought about… for a reason.

Then they look at you and say ”do you understand?”. There is hope behind this question, and what you really understand is that they are really eager you see their point.

Yes I do. Sort of. But I would never spend two seconds thinking about what you obviously have been pondering about for months. Or maybe I don’t understand. Maybe there is some hidden importance in what you say that escapes me, so I think you’re babbling while in fact you’re stating something really clever…

Then there are others who are just so shallow that everytime you have a glass of wine and try to go a little deeper into life’s secrets and provide some thoughts around topics that have kept you awake at night their eyes go blank and they say ”yes, I see”, and change the subject.

Thing is the blank look on the face of the second type is probably exactly the look you have when changing the subject with the first type.

Most people need some training before they can follow you into the dark and dusty corners of your mind, but on some rare occasions you meet someone that not just immediately follows you there, but also takes you a few steps further.

When this happens, it is always very unsuspected.

3 tankar om “Between minds

    • Haha, well, not really. However, I’m just thinking that sometimes those that you think you have the least in common with are those that in some aspects actually can understand you, and how this is every time a surprise.


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