The different versions of Hillary

spegelbildSo Donald Trump has been ripping off his charity for years, pretending other people’s donations were his own and using this money for settlements.

Nobody will care. Not about this. Not about anything Donald Trump does. Because being a narcissistic bully is what people like about him. Except, of course, for all of us who are already disgusted and astonished at the thought that nearly half of the U.S. voters support this person.

Don’t bother telling me about the thousands, you mean hundreds, you mean dozens … or at least ”several” ways that Hillary Clinton has been ”dishonest”. Well, maybe not dishonest, but at least not truthful. Maybe truthful, but not quite, perfectly truthful, like the time when she had pneumonia and didn’t tell anyone, that must count as a lie, right?

I’ve heard all the arguments. And they are ridiculous. A man, any man, deciding to ”power through” pneumonia would be considered at worst in his own right and at best a hero. And Donald Trump even gets away with claiming his health is ”extraordinarily excellent”.

After literally reading hundreds of articles about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the past months, I’ve come to the conclusion that the double standards at play here form the ultimate example of what happens when women seek power:

They are disliked.

If they show emotion, they are weak, if they show determination, they are bossy. Or, as Jon Stewart once put it: “In politics it’s ok to be a pussy, as long as you’ve got a dick”.

In one well-documented experiment […] Harvard MBA students evaluated the same case study of a successful entrepreneur. Half the class read a version in which the entrepreneur was male; the other half read a version in which the entrepreneur was female. The students who read about the male entrepreneur identified him as having positive traits, such as leadership and direction, while students who read about the female entrepreneur characterized her as being bossy and overly direct. The responses reflected the students’ hidden biases about how male and female leaders should act.”

And Hillary is right. Half of Trump’s supporters do belong in a basket of deplorables:

  • 40 percent of Trump supporters said they ”definitely” believed Obama was hiding something about his background and early life.
  • 42 percent believe immigrants in the U.S. illegally are more likely to commit violent crime. Just 13 percent of Clinton supporters believe that.
  • 69 percent of Trump supporters believe immigrants are a burden on the U.S., and 64 percent believe Muslims should be subject to more scrutiny.
  • The U.S. is becoming too soft and feminine (68 percent).
  • The government has paid too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities (55 percent).
  • Men and women should stick to more traditional gender roles and tasks (50 percent).
  • Discrimination against women is no longer a problem (46 percent).

This is the reason why we look att Hillary and Donald and see very different persons. It’s in our core values. In our personalities. In our ways of perceiving men and women differently. We apply very different filters, depending on whether we’re used to and embrace women seeking power or not. Donald Trump’s deplorables can’t handle a female president. Period. Anything she does, says, or even refrains from doing will just prove their view of her incompetence and unpleasant persona.

We look at Hillary and Donald, and some of us see one strong leader who may not be perfect, but far more brilliant, goodhearted and qualified than most, and one disgraceful, self-absorbed and dishonest fraud.

The others do that as well.


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