Events and unlimited choices

We are event-driven.

Most of what we do are reactions. Outside events trigger us.

I read a political article, I get upset, I write a blogpost to comment.

You feel a need to talk to someone, so you call a friend.

Your car needs gas. Your kid needs food. Your bed needs making. You are hungry, thursty, tired.

Very rarely do we reflect and create out of nothing but our own minds.

My job regularly forces me to create and communicate visionary plans and strategies. On some level I don’t like it much. On that level it’s so much easier to just respond to customers and colleagues. ”So you need this? The answer is yes. So you need that? The answer is no, maybe, later, yes if…”

We should be forced to create and communicate a visionary, strategic plan for our lifes. Put it in writing, ask friends to review and comment, create a corresponding action plan for how to reach the goals, set by the strategies.

Only then will our choices be unlimited.

Otherwise they are just a series of yes/no/cancel.


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