The Bully that will start a War

Like a nine-year-old bully being brought before the teacher, he defended himself with the oldest excuse there is: ”He started it.”

This is not true. Mr. Khan didn’t start it. Donald did, when he suggested to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. and when he suggested that every American Muslim was somehow responsible for not stopping the Orlando shootings. The really weird part is he doesn’t even see it.

I have been contemplating why, and the answer seems to be that he doesn’t understand that his words matter to other people. However, he is extremely sensitive about what is said about him, to the point where it becomes ridiculous.

Does it matter?

Does it matter to me, personally, living on the other side of the Atlantic that this man lacks the empathy to leave a grieving mother alone? That he can’t control himself, even though advised to shut up, enough to just drop an insult?

Yes, it does. Because what happens when a narcissist with no empathy has nuclear weapon at his disposal? What happens when he has the power to send troops?

Well, we’ve seen it before. More than once.

I am afraid. I mean. I am really, really afraid. Horrified.


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