I’m fine with you electing a sexist pig

Next TeeDonald Trump embodies male entitlement. He is a sexist pig. That is as much a fact as any subjective epithet can be. He belittles women, he thinks he’s entitled to kissing them, to touching them, and worse. Even though he denies doing this, it’s caught on tape on numerous occasions. There’s a beautiful, young woman on stage with him, and he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. This happens over and over with different women. She most probably doesn’t want to be kissed by a fat, ugly, sleazy old man. He obviously doesn’t care. The way he talks about women and to women makes all of us recall also having been treated that way. We’ve met him before.

If you, American voters, elect Donald Trump, that will obviously continue. As will his Twitter wars with Rosie O’Donnell and Miss Universes.

And you know what? That is in a way OK by me.

I don’t fear that young Americans will be affected by this in a way that will ruin that generation. I think they will be appalled, disgusted, outraged and that they will alienate themselves from the older generation that put the misogynist freak in the White House. They will compare him to Obama, and he will be the most hated president ever.

For four years, media will be filled with women coming forward, with tweets being quoted, with young people telling how they really never ever will vote Republican. Republican senators and representatives will have to answer to his deeds over and over, either distancing themselves and thus make themselves targets for his anger, or else defending him, and then being viewed as accomplices – having to answer for this, and making it difficult for them to be reelected for decades to come.

It’s not just Donald Trump’s actions that will be challenged.

It’s the whole idea with punishing women for abortions, defunding Planned Parenthood and with it access to contraceptives, not having a plan for free college education that is something that young people really want, and the fight against LGBTQ rights and marriage and gender equality. Donald Trump doesn’t care about these issues as long as he can tweet to people he hates, but Pence and the other religious fundamentalists do, and they will go in a direction that will make young people ashamed of their parents and their country.

Young people, who will be tomorrow’s decision makers, are not religious nuts and they don’t put up with slut-shaming and fat-shaming and they don’t call bragging about sexual assault ”locker room talk”. I believe in them and in the many wise Americans I know, who are as appalled as I am. People talk about what will happen to the Republican party if he loses. Well, what will happen if he wins, and the party will have no time to remake itself, will be much, much worse from a GOP perspective.

Young people will not accept his racism or nationalism either. They will call him out and he will complain about having to be ”politically correct”, and it will be the same narrative in the press for four more years as we’ve seen for the past two years.

Thus far, as a Swedish citizen, I could almost be at peace with a four years Trump presidency, feeling sorry for American friends who would be constantly as embarrassed as Italians are over Berlusconi. It would be like America’s root canal procedure. It hurts, but then life will be much better.

I could, had it not been for the other part. The one where this narcissist, short attention spanned, vindictive and frankly quite stupid or at least below average talented chauvinist, with no moral – just look at how he stiffed small businesses, refused African-Americans from his apartments, claimed charity donations he never made, and told so many lies he deserves a huge Pinocchio statue – will be Commander in Chief. America had stupid presidents before, but they were smart enough to surround themselves with smarter staff. He will not. He doesn’t listen to anyone – ask Kellyanne Conway. He is unhinged, and acts on bad instincts.

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah joked that Trump would nuke Iceland confusing it for ISIS-land. Well. It sounds like a joke. But …

Then there’s the alienation of NATO allies, and the weird signals he sends out to the rest of the world, given his simplified view where countries just as people are either good or bad, and where Russia is good because Putin says nice things about him.

I don’t think Donald Trump is a Russian spy, or a Manchurian candidate. He’s just not smart enough to have a hidden agenda. Everything he thinks, he eventually says, like a babbling twelve-year-old.

However, he is immoral enough to be a target for Russian or other interests. He could easily be bribed. Or he could hire people like Manafort.

He also surrounds himself with Giuliani, Bannon, Christie, Ailes and Gingrich. They may not have ties to Russia, that we know of, but they certainly don’t come out as guardians of high moral and integrity.

Then there’s his anti-Islam rhetoric, that will alienate moderate Muslims around the world, making America and Americans targets for as long as he reigns, potentially worsening the situation in Syria and other countries at war.

He will ”bomb the hell out of ISIS”, he says. But there will be no American soldiers in Iraq or Syria. Instead, he will discuss with Putin, and ask him to do it. And then there’s his secret plan that no one can hear of …

Then there’s the promotion of war crimes, including torture, killing wives and children of terrorists, and banning Muslims from entering the U.S..

The world needs a unifier. Not a divider.

Americans, I’m fine with you electing a sexist pig as head of state.

Italy and many other countries did. The world can survive that.

I would have said to you: Go ahead, elect Donald Trump, I dare you, had it not been for the fact that there’s a risk we will all die if you do.

So please don’t.

5 tankar om “I’m fine with you electing a sexist pig

  1. Och dom läser dig där eller kämpar du även i Twitter, Facebook och Forum som jag gjort och ska göra?

    Arizona kan bli hennes, Arizona Republic från 1890, har bytt sida för första ggn, såg du?

    Blir han vald mördas han snabbt tror jag så det blir Pence.

  2. Jag tror inte längre på att tjafsa i kommentarer och på Twitter och Facebook. Det händer att jag kommenterar även där, men det är mest när jag ser faktafel, för jag tror inte folk övertygas av åsikter. Men det är bra om du orkar.

    Mina artiklar blir spridda ibland. Den jag skrev om nationalism i Sverige och USA lästes av rätt många. Men visst har jag fler läsare i Sverige än i USA.

    AZ vore kanon!


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